Brown County Underage Substance Abuse Coalition (USAC) serves all residents of Brown County and has representation from the following: parents, youth, business community, media, schools, youth serving organizations, law enforcement agencies, faith community, civic and volunteer groups, health care professionals and state and local government. Brown County USAC was established in 2006 as part of the United Way of the Brown County Area’s community solutions program. Brown County USAC receives funding only through a grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA), and in-kind donations from United Way of the Brown County Area and community organizations and businesses. The United Way of the Brown County does not use campaign funds for Brown County USAC.

In September 2008 and 2014, Brown County USAC received a $625,000 grant from SAMHSA as part of the Drug Free Communities Program. This grant of $125,000 for the next five years, allows Brown County USAC to implement prevention curriculum into schools, provide additional parent education workshops, resources and tools, increase media surrounding social norms or alcohol and drugs in our communities and provide community speakers and conduct safe and drug-free events for our youth.

USAC Program Director: Abigail Schwab
                                       Phone: 507-354-6512

​​USAC Goals

USAC provides parent resources, community speakers, media campaigns, community forums and helps mobilize community efforts to reduce underage alcohol, tobacco and other drug use.

USAC provides schools the opportunity to implement evidence based prevention curriculum into their schools.

USAC works with schools, businesses and the faith communities to establish policies about alcohol use at events and during work time.

USAC collaborates with law enforcement, prosecutors and the judiciary to aggressively identify and prosecute adults who furnish alcohol to youth.

USAC collaborates with existing youth organizations to expand youth groups, after school activities, parent and mentoring programs and provide assistance to all partnering organizations on ways to build youth leadership skills.USAC works with the communities to help change the social norms of adults in Brown County surrounding alcohol use by underage youth.​

Helping Brown County Youth Stay Alcohol and Drug Free 

Brown County Underage Substance Abuse Coalition has the Passion, dedication, commitment, and knowledge to provide education and prevention efforts throughout our community