Alcohol Server Awareness Training and Special Event Server Training
Servers, Bartenders, Owners, Liquor Store Employees, Volunteer Servers (Festivals, Fairs, Community Events, Fundraisers). 

If you serve alcohol any time during the year, we recommend you attend this training.

We are currently in the process of updating our Responsible Beverage Server Training dates and training materials

We will update this information as soon as we are able

Thank you for your patience and cooperation


Brown County USAC (Underage Substance Abuse Coalition), in cooperation with the Brown County Law Enforcement agencies, will be sponsoring training regarding alcohol server responsibilities, alcohol laws, checking Identifications Cards (I.D.'s), prevention and recognition of alcohol intoxication and handling of difficult situations in licensed establishments.   Due to grant funding, there will be no cost to attendees participating in the trainings. These trainings are available to new employees, veteran employees and volunteers.

Minnesota State Law
Providing alcohol resulting in "death or great bodily harm": Felony charges (340A.701)
...acting within the scope of selling, bartering, furnishing, or giving alcoholic beverages to a person under 21 years of age if that person becomes intoxicated and causes or suffers death or great bodily harm as a result of the intoxication.
Civil Suite against the server, licensee (owner), Social Host Laws (criminal and civil).

Civil Penalties (Licensees) Minnesota State Statute 340A.415
If no local ordinance in place, licensee faces:
Up to $2,000 fine per violation
Up to 60 day license suspension or
License revocation.Type your paragraph here.