Abigail Schwab 

Program Director

Our Coalition Members

Marie Larsen: Parent Rep

Sandy Scheibel: Media Rep

John Cselovski: School Rep

Sheldon Rieke: Youth Serving Organization Rep

Elliot Waturbury: Law Enforcement Rep 

Tim Anderson: Faith Rep

Kari Beran: Civic/Volunteer Rep, Board Chair

Jen Mauer: Health Care Rep

Julie Hogen: State & Local Government Rep

MaryAnn Wonn: Substance Abuse Rep

Logan O'Neill: Youth Rep

Dean Simonsen: Coalition Member

Bonnie Timm: Coalition Member, Board Vice-Chair

Keith Anderson: Coalition Member 

Brown County Underage Substance Abuse Coalition (USAC) serves all residents of Brown County and has representation from the following 12 sectors of our community: parent, youth, business, media, schools, youth serving organizations, law enforcement agencies, faith community, civic and volunteer groups, health care professionals and state and local government. 

The USAC Steering Committee meets once a month as a board on the 3rd Thursday of every month at the

Lind House, 622 Center Street, New Ulm, MN from 3:30 - 4:30.

If you are interested in becoming a member or volunteer, please contact us at 507-354-6512 or usac.browncounty@newulmtel.net

Sarah Lee

Marketing & Graphic Design

Karen Moritz

Program Coordinator